Bee Pollen and Hair Growth

Our hair is one of the most precious parts of our body because it defines who we are and what we look like. When hair loss starts to manifest, we try to find ways of growing it back again. A healthy, glowing hair can be achieved by taking in bee supplements. Yes, that's right, bee pollen and hair growth goes along way together.

Why is this possible?

\"hair Growth\"

It is because of the fact that our hair's health depends on the nutrients we get from our food. Since bee pollen is the world's most complete food and nutrition source, our hair becomes healthier.

Bee Pollen and Hair Growth

In traditional Chinese medicine, the pollen from the bee has been used to stimulate hair growth because of its rich L-Cysteine content. It has been found that hair effectively grows back because of pollen since 8% of hair is composed of L-Cysteine.

The health of our hair depends on a variety of vitamins and minerals we take in. It is important for us to know that an overdose in vitamins and minerals can lead to further hair loss. A balanced supplement of these needed nutrients should be taken properly. That's why bee it makes a great combination for our special hair needs.

What are the different nutritional contents found in the pollen from the bee that benefits hair growth and healthy hair considerably?

It includes vitamin A which is an antioxidant that helps maintain natural oils in the scalp. Calcium together with magnesium that helps hair growth. Vitamin C that maintains healthy hair and skin, vitamin E and vitamin B3 that benefits and improves scalp circulation, copper, vitamins B5, B6, B12, and iron that strengthens hair and prevents hair loss. Manganese that improves hair growth, potassium that promotes circulation as well as help it, and sulfur that creates stronger hair.

By creating a natural diet that provides the above vitamins and minerals, you can help prevent hair loss and even stimulate hair growth. It is also beneficial to take a daily supplement that provides the aforementioned nutrients like bee supplements.

Before rushing to the nearest health food shop and purchasing a bee product, you should take into consideration the kind of pollen for you. In order to get the wonderful health benefits for your hair and your body, it is important that you should only buy the best pollen around. Almost all products claim that they're the best one out there but it is not actually true. The only best pollen comes from the pristine environment of New Zealand. This high potent bee supplement is free from contaminants like toxins, heavy metals, chemicals, and every harmful element found in air pollution.

For bee pollen and hair growth health efficiency, trust only the best pollen from New Zealand. You'll be amazed in so many ways that you can benefit from the nature's wonder food. By taking in this kind of pollen, your body is well supplied by the vital nutrients it needs, your different organs and glands will function very well and will be at their peak and top notch health,while rich antioxidants will prevent you from acquiring life-threatening diseases, and so much more.

Bee Pollen and Hair Growth

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How to Stimulate Hair Growth Easily

Everyone loves a full, thick head of hair. It is seen as a sign of good health and vitality.

When a person is experiencing hair loss or thinning hair, they often look for ways to improve the thickness and health of their hair and they seek products and tips to aid in stimulating hair re-growth.

\"hair Growth\"

If you could find a set of instructions that would show you a product that stimulates the follicles and results in hair becoming healthier and thicker, this would be the answer. There is an answer to how to stimulate hair growth.

How to Stimulate Hair Growth Easily

You have probably seen shampoos and conditioners as well as creams and potions that claim they can improve the growth of hair, or re-grow hair where it is now thinning.

Hair itself is an outgrowth of keratin tissue from the body. The living part of each hair strand is beneath the surface of the scalp and is the place where hair is formed.

The strands you see waving in the breeze on your head are in fact dead keratin tissue. By the time the hair is visible to us, it's too late to affect its health. There is a way that you can help in stimulating the follicle to produce healthier hair.

Supplements taken as you would take a vitamin will act on the body from the inside and in this way the action of the supplement you take stimulates the follicle to grow more and stronger hair. The instructions for this are simple and a few tips on careful hair care would be in order as well. If you take a few simple steps, you can learn how to stimulate hair growth.

One of the tips you need is to preserve the hair you have. Brush and comb carefully especially when your hair is wet. Wet hair breaks and tears more easily than dry.

You may wish to get instructions on how to comb conditioners through your hair to moisturize it and keep the breakage to a minimum.

The supplements that are stimulating to the hair follicle to increase growth rate and hair health may also benefit your skin and nails with that same action that stimulates your hair's improvement.

People who are looking for how to stimulate hair growth will be glad to learn that a few simple steps in taking care of the hair and learning the right ways to supplement their diets can have great results.

Best Hair Growth Products

How to Stimulate Hair Growth Easily

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Faster Hair Growth - It's as Easy as Omega 3

Most people, and especially good hairdressers and dieticians, know that poor nutrition can make your hair dull and lifeless, as well as affecting its growth. Thus it follows that a good diet can improve the quality of your hair.

Hair is composed of keratin, a type of protein. A single hair begins with a root below the skin and a follicle from which the root grows - the part of the hair that shows is known as the shaft. Melanin, the pigment which gives hair its colour, is produced in the hair bulb at the follicle's lower end.

\"hair Growth\"

Around 50-100 head hairs fall out every day in most cases, but are replaced as the follicles do their work - this is completely normal, and is just the way the body works. However, a higher rate of hair loss may indicate a problem. Hair loss at a rate which causes balding patches or visibly thin hair is called alopecia.

Faster Hair Growth - It's as Easy as Omega 3

If your hair is falling out at a rate that bothers you, a visit to the doctor is advisable to find out the cause. A doctor can suggest treatment for any underlying problem after discovering the reason for the hair loss.

How does hair grow?

Every hair whether on your head or the rest of your body grows from its own follicle. New hair cells form at the root of the shaft each time inside the follicle, and these push the old cells out. The old cells, which die as they are pushed out, form the hair shaft itself.

Follicles produce new cells for a period of time, called a growth phase, depending on where they occur on the body. The growth phase will give way after this time to a rest phase, where no growth occurs, before another growth phase begins.

Hair does appear to grow consistently, however, at a rate of about half a millimetre a day. This adds up to half an inch every month. The growth rate may vary according to genetics, age and hormonal state - pregnant women often notice a difference in hair growth. Half a millimetre a day is a good average, but you may find growth rate slows if you have poor nutrition.

Poor nutrition

Many of the western world's health problems can be attributed to poor nutrition. Omega 3, an essential fatty acid, is vital to healthy hair. Starved of essential nutrients such as this, the body reacts, and as well as other health issues hair health can be compromised. Dull and unhealthy hair can often indicate other problems.

The same principles apply to healthy hair as to a healthy garden; if you want a good lawn you need to maintain the soil underneath. To have a healthy head of hair, therefore, you need to make sure it is being fed the right nutrients from inside. This means improving your diet and ensuring it contains the right balance of essential fatty acids, especially Omega 3.

Omega 3

It is well-known that Omega 3 has hair-growing properties. Its three main nutrients, all found in various foods in differing quantities, are ALA (alpha linolic acid), EPA (ecoisapentaionc acid) and DHA (docosahexaenioc acid). You can find a high amount of Omega 3 fatty acids in salmon, halibut, sardines, albacore, trout, herring, walnut, flaxseed oil and canola oil. Omega 3 fatty acids are also present in shrimp, clams, light chunk tuna, catfish, cod, and spinach.


Omega 3 is excellent for the promotion of faster hair growth and helps your hair to be healthier, as it nourishes it from the inside, feeding the follicles to stimulate growth and shine.

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Faster Hair Growth - It's as Easy as Omega 3

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12 Simple Tips For Promoting Faster Hair Growth

Are you looking for faster hair growth? Well in order to grow your tresses at a fast rate there are a few things you will need to do to start the process happening. For example what you eat will affect the quality of your hair as well as its growth. If you eat the correct healthy foods and drink plenty of water, 80% of your hair problems will be either prevented or reversed. Growing a healthy mane is the same thing as working towards developing a healthy body. Having said that here are the simple tips that will help you develop a healthy body and longer and thicker tresses:

1. To achieve faster hair growth you need a rich diet of proteins and minerals. Foods like milk, dairy products, almonds and nuts will go a long way to grow healthy locks

\"hair Growth\"

2. Eating plenty of green vegetables, along with fruits, spouts, honey, cereals and grains will help strengthen your body and hair.

12 Simple Tips For Promoting Faster Hair Growth

3. Try to avoid cholesterol rich foods in your diet. Doing so will keep your skin and hair healthy. Cholesterol rich foods are usually found in animal meats. So if you are not a vegetarian try eating fish, or else try soybeans and raw vegetable greens.

4. Next way to induce faster hair growth is that you want to keep hydrated. This means you need to drink at least 12 to 14 glasses of water a day to keep you hydrated.

5. Adding a few of these foods into your diet will go a long way for your body's health and also your hair health. What you need for a faster growing mane are essential fatty acids generally found in oily fish like salmon and tuna, flaxseed oil, sunflower oil as well as pumpkin and sesame seeds.

6. You also need a diet rich in Vitamin B. Vitamin B can be found in mushrooms and cauliflower.

7. Vitamin C is also a good hair growth booster. Vitamin C can be found in oranges and tomatoes.

8. For faster hair growth Vitamin E is a vitamin you need to take. Vitamin E can be found in olive oil and wheat germ.

9. A very effective treatment you can formulate for growing healthy tresses is the following egg, vitamin E and olive oil treatment: Mix 1 egg yolk, I Tbsp. of olive oil and 3 drops of vitamin E oil together. Once you have combined these items, apply them directly on the scalp and massage well for at least 10 minutes and then soak your hair for 30 minutes. Simply wash with shampoo after you are done.

10. A highly recommended faster hair growth treatment is mixing castor oil and almond oil. Massaging this mixture into your hair on a regular basis will do wonders to promote the development of strong hair follicles.

11. Using 1 tsp. of powdered fenugreek, 1 tsp. of pepper powder, and 1 half cup of coconut milk combined together is another way to grow your mane. Mix them together and then apply the mixture to the scalp. Allow it to sit on the hair for 2 hours then wash it off with a natural shampoo.

12. Finally you can use Mira hair oil for promoting faster hair growth as well. It consists of a combination of herbs and oils designed for hair growth. Simply apply it before bedtime and leave on overnight; wash your hair in the morning and you will find your hair will grow much faster. The best way to use it is to apply the oil. Then take a hot damp towel and wrap your hair up in it for another 10 minutes; repeat this process at least twice before shampooing. If you own a steamer use that instead on low heat for 5 minutes before shampooing.

These are the twelve simple way to induce faster hair growth. You will see results in as little as two weeks. Remember to be consistent and patient with it.

12 Simple Tips For Promoting Faster Hair Growth

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Vitamin E For Hair Growth

Promoting hair growth is somewhat similar to promoting the overall health of the human body. There must be adequate nutrients and vitamins to prevent hair loss, and for the hair to grow properly. If you want hair to grow faster, be sure to consume vitamins that will aid in providing more oxygen to the scalp area, and hence promoting growth.

For the strands to grow long, there are a variety of vitamins that will come in helpful. Some examples of useful substances include vitamin C, Biotin, Niacin, pantothenic acid, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12, as well as vitamin E. Biotin helps to keep hair follicles healthy, and vitamin B helps prevent hair loss and graying.

\"hair Growth\"

We usually hear a great deal about vitamins C and B. But what we don't hear so often, is vitamin E. Vitamin E has been found to be very effective in treating hair. It acts as an antioxidant that encourages blood circulation to the scalp area. This process means that more oxygen can be supplied to the hair cells. The increase in oxygen levels increase the life span of the cells as the cells get more nourishment.

Vitamin E For Hair Growth

In fact, vitamin E don't just benefit the hair. It also helps to strengthen the cells in other parts of the body, thereby improving the health of the individual.

This vitamin can be commonly found in many types of foods - soy beans, wheat, ready-to-eat cereals, grains, beans, spinach, nuts, eggs, and many other green leafy vegetables. If you find that your daily diet lacks the above ingredients, you can always consider taking health supplements in the form of pills and capsules to make up for the lack in vitamin E.

Although there are many benefits associated with consuming vitamin E, overeating may present various health problems. For instance, since vitamin E encourages blood to transport more oxygen to various parts of the body, it also means that the blood becomes thinner so that it can fulfill this function. The side effect is that this slows down blood clotting (due to having thinner blood).

Therefore, even though vitamin E helps promotes hair growth, it is not wise to consume heavy doses of vitamin E deliberately. Take it in moderation to ensure that the balance of the body is not upset by the sudden influx of vitamin E. A perfectly healthy adult should only take between 8 to 10 milligrams of vitamin E on a daily basis. If you feel like consuming more than that dosage, always consult a qualified physician before doing so.

Also, consume vitamins as a means to supplement your daily diet. Don't be overly dependent on these ingredients. Remember to get plenty of rest, drink plenty of water, and exercise on a regular basis. Have a balanced diet and work on improving your metabolism rate.

Stress can be the root cause of many hair loss problems. So having a healthy lifestyle certainly helps to prevent such problems from arising. A small dosage of vitamins (such as vitamin E) daily to help boost overall health can also be an effective measure.

Vitamin E For Hair Growth

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