Wholesale Beauty Essentials - Top 10 Hair and Nail Products

Women love to glam up. Beauty products are just a big hit for women. Let us take a look at the two beauty essentials - Hair and Nail Products. If you are interested in selling beauty products, here is a niche that you can focus on. To entice you more in selling these products, we have categorized it to give you a guide on the top 10 selling items under each category.


\"Hair Essentials\"

1. Head & Shoulders Dandruff Shampoo
2. Clairol Renewal 5X Shampoo
3. Biolage Hydrating Shampoo
4. Redken All Soft Shampoo
5. Aveda Shampure
6. KMS Curl Up Shampoo
7.Clairol Herbal Essences Anti Dandruff Shampoo
8. Neutrogena T/Gel Therapeutic Shampoo
9. Pantene Pro-V Daily Clarifying Shampoo
10. L'Oréal Kerastase Shampoo (for Very Dry and Damaged Hair)

Wholesale Beauty Essentials - Top 10 Hair and Nail Products


1. Infusium 23 Leave In Treatment
2. Sebastian Potion 9
3. Aussie 3 Minute Miracle
4. Thermasilk Heat Activated Conditioner
5. Pantene Pro-V Conditioner for Dry/Damaged Hair
6. Aussie Dew Plex Leave In Conditioner + Styler in One
7. Terax Original Crema
8. Physique Spiral Conditioner
9. Paul Mitchell The Detangler
10. Physique Amplifying Conditioner


1. Farouk Bio Silk Therapy
2. John Frieda Frizz-Ease
3. Ouidad Climate Control Gel
4. Pantene Curl Lock Settique Spray
5. Got2b Defiant
6. Aveda Confixor
7. Rusk Str8
8. Aveda Be Curly Curl Enhancing Lotion
9. John Frieda Ocean Waves
10. Sebastian Molding Mud


1. L'Oréal Feria Haircolor
2. Garnier Nutrisse Nutricolor Masque
3. Salon Selectives Highlighting Foam
4. Clairol Hydrience
5. Clairol Natural Instincts
6. Clairol Revitalique
7. L'Oréal Excellence Haircolor
8. L'Oréal Preference Permanent Hair Color
9. L'Oréal Casting
10. L'Oréal Open Hair Color


1. OPI Nail Polish
2. OPI Nail Envy
3.Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Nail Polish
4. Essie Nail Polish
5. Nailtiques Formula #2
6. Sally Hansen Maximum Growth
7. Revlon Colorstay Always On Nail Enamel
8. Nailtiques Formula #1
9. Sally Hansen Mega Shine Topcoat
10. L'Oréal Jet-Set Quick Dry Nail Enamel

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Wholesale Beauty Essentials - Top 10 Hair and Nail Products

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Hair Growth Tips - How to Make Your Hair Grow Back

Let me tell you right away. If you follow these tips your hair will grow back. It does not matter if you are a man who has started to go bald, desperate to avoid a life sentence of no hair. It does not matter if you are a woman who is going thin on top.

Keep this in mind though. You have to take action to stop going bald. It is no good looking in the mirror trying to will your hair back. Numerous factors determine if you keep your hair. Hormones, diet, lifestyle and environmental factors, including increased stress, for example at work.

\"hair Growth\"

Hair growth tips will work for everyone.

Hair Growth Tips - How to Make Your Hair Grow Back

The good news is this. You can decrease the chances of losing your hair.


You will grow your hair back by changing your diet and looking after your hair. It is made from protein and by changing to a healthier diet and drinking plenty of water you will see quick changes.

Let me tell you a little secret.

If you add the following to your diet you will see an astonishing difference in your hair -

omega 3 acids

Fruit and vegetables

Hair pills or supplements

This is the biggest single action you can take to prevent baldness. You should take hair supplements if you are not sure you are getting the right vitamins in your diet, or the right proteins for your hair. Let me tell you right now this is probably one of the best hair growth tips I can give you.


Massaging your scalp on a daily basis will assist blood flow in your scalp and improve circulation. This will stimulate your hair to grow.


Smoking is the single biggest way to damage your hair. Studies have shown smoking can restrict blood flow and circulation to your scalp and will damage your hair. Cut back on cigarettes.


Various tests and studies have shown alcohol to indirectly influence hair loss. Reduce alcohol consumption where you can.

You will see the results right before your eyes

I could go on and on. The simple fact is this though, you have to take action, or nothing will happen. Except you will lose more hair. Unless you use these hair growth tips.

Hair Growth Tips - How to Make Your Hair Grow Back

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Hair Loss - How To Increase Hair Growth

Hair loss is a problem most people will have to face at some point in their life. This problem affects both men and women. The thinning of your hair or slowly going bald is generally not caused by a disease. However it could be the indication of another problem. Hair loss can be due to several other reasons including stress, poor diet and your life style. It could even be due to how you care for your hair.

Major hair loss may be due to something lacking in your diet. You need to be sure you are eating foods that provide all the nutrients found in a well balanced diet. These foods should contain all the recommended vitamins and minerals necessary for the maintenance of healthy hair. Of course a well balanced diet will benefit your overall health.

\"hair Growth\"

You should also drink plenty of water. Many people do not drink the recommended daily amount of water for their body weight resulting in a number health problems including hair loss. Water helps removes toxins from your body and also keeps you hydrated. The water you drink be distilled so that chemicals such a chlorine are not present. Also avoid or reduce your caffeine intake as it tends to dehydrate the body.

Hair Loss - How To Increase Hair Growth

Proper maintenance of the hair is also important. After a shower avoid rubbing your hair with a towel to dry it. Instead take a more gentle approach and pat your hair with your towel. Only comb or brush your hair after it dry.

Promoting new hair growth is often just a matter of changing one life style. You will still lose some hair, but this normal. Just remember taking proper care of your hair is an important component of keeping your hair healthy and increasing hair growth.

Best Regards

Hair Loss - How To Increase Hair Growth

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Hair Growth and Hair Loss Products

Hair growth and hair loss products are formulated to stimulate regrowth and to achieve accelerated, faster follicle development.  Improving overall scalp condition while increasing nutrients and blood circulation have been shown to effectively optimize growth rates and to retard thinning in many men and women.

Why Do Slow Growth and Loss Occur?

\"hair Growth\"

There are generally three culprits or inhibitors - lack of adequate nutrition; DHT, medications, or chemicals; and, bacteria or fungus that has grown or attached to the follicle.

Hair Growth and Hair Loss Products

For normal development, follicles require specific nutrients - namely, Vitamin B-12, Biotin, and a variety of amino acids.  Amino acids are the "building blocks" of proteins.  Follicle strands consist of protein bonds.  If our bodies have a deficiency due to diet, stress, or medications, slower rates can be expected.

DHT, certain medications, and chemical treatments, though different in nature, restrict blood flow, rob nutrients to the follicle cortex and root, and strip oils and hydration.  For men, DHT is the leading cause of "pattern" balding.  DHT resides in the follicle pores.  Neutralizing its' effects is critical to slowing or stopping temporary or pre-mature loss.

For women, hormone changes due to natural aging, oral contraceptives, and the physiological stress associated with pregnancy and weight gain can have a profound effect on growth and may temporarily result in rapid thinning and shedding, especially around the crown and back of the head.

Effective Solutions

For temporary, "Diffuse", and several types of balding, there are three effective solutions or product groups:

  • Vitamins and supplements
  • Topical sprays and stimulants
  • Growth shampoos and conditioners

Supplements are developed and intended to provide necessary nutrition - vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.  Similar to targeted supplements that may improve stamina, energy, or elevated well-being, hair vitamins help ensure proper "food" is available for protein bonding, strength and volume of the strands.  They offer long-term health and growth and are excellent as a daily supplement for the scalp and skin as well.

Topical applications and sprays, "stimulators", help improve scalp circulation, neutralize DHT, and infuse nutrients externally.  They are especially effective for problems related to hormone changes, enzyme accumulation, and for overall conditioning.

Growth shampoos are generally formulated with Trichogen or Minoxidil.  Both are effective for providing daily moisture and hydration a supplement to avoiding balding due to DHT.  General surfactants clean oil and dirt that can block pores and lead to bacteria and fungus, and formulas with Zinc PCA help regulate and control excessive scalp oil.  Their purpose is to nourish, stimulate growth and provide deep-cleaning of residue and micro-infection that may inhibit normal development.

Hair growth and hair loss products can be an effective solution for many men and women suffering from thinning, accelerated shedding or premature balding.  Used as a hair care regimen, many have seen faster growing, thicker and shinier hair.

Hair Growth and Hair Loss Products

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Hair Growth Products

For a person suffering from hair loss, the biggest hurdle in their life is promoting hair growth. They might have tried using various products, lotions and creams to vain and almost ready to give you. But there are some products available in the market that have been researched and found to stimulate hair growth. All the person needs to do is find out the exact reason behind their hair loss problem and get the right kind of treatment and work their way towards promoting hair growth. You need to give your hair the right kind of hair growth products that are rich of vitamins and minerals that will add life to your hair. This will add to the vitality of your hair and help it remain strong and rich.

Depending on your affordability, you can pick up an expensive product or something that fits your budget, but do not compromise on the quality of the product you choose. Just like in any other industry, here too there are products at inferior quality filling the shelves of all the stores, so beware when you buy the shampoo or lotion. Make sure to check its ingredients, if you are not sure, consult your dermatologist and then confirm the purchase to be on the safe side.

\"hair Growth\"

Some of the leading hair growth products in the market are,-
Bausch and Lomb sell a formula which has 2% Minoxidil, available at all leading stores, or pharmacy. It is a product that can be used by both men and women. And within 6months visible changes will be noted by all who have applied this on their scalp. Simply rub it in, and massage the scalp or the affected area for a couple of minutes so it gets absorbed and starts working on the hair cells.

Hair Growth Products

New Generation 2 is a system that is used only for hair growth. Since the ingredients used are completely natural and have no chemicals in them, these are most safe and can be used by people of all ages. The shampoo is to be used on a daily basis followed by a rinse using the cleanser and conditioner. These help protect the nutrients in the hair and help the hair to grow stronger and healthier.

Dietary supplements are an alternative form of hair growth product which can be consumed by people who are suffering from lack of essentials in their diet. When a person is unable to eat food that is healthy and has all the necessary ingredients of protein, fiber, fat, vitamins and minerals, they can be given dietary supplements to help their body get whatever is missing in the food.

The hair growth product should basically be chemical free, and have right amount of nutrients and protein needed by the follicles to get the necessary enriching vitamins from. This will help stimulate hair growth and increase blood circulation in the scalp. The herbal and natural products work just as well, except they take a bit longer to show results.

Hair Growth Products

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Hair Growth - Vitamins That Promote Hair Growth

For men and women experience hair loss is one of the most common problem and a little difficult to overcome. As we know hair could be a reference to the level of human health, hair loss can often be used as an indication of health problems in the human body. In general, hair loss is a result of lack of intake of vitamin C, vitamin B1, Lysine and iron. Vitamin C contains anti-oxidants that help develop healthy collagen which is useful for healthy skin and hair by helping the metabolism, and change the fat into energy, therefore, collagen has an important role in preventing damage and split hair.

Vitamin C can be found in fruits such as oranges, pineapple, strawberries, potatoes and vegetables. The recommended dose is 60 Mg per day. Besides vitamin C, vitamin B also has an important role in the treatment of hair. Vitamin B1 has a role to help build the proteins that make your hair healthy, thick, and fine-textured and more shine. Nutrition other hair to prevent hair damage. Vitamin B complex is found in fruits around you such as: citrus, eggs, liver, milk, rice, chicken and meat and nuts.

\"hair Growth\"

In the market many types of drugs and nutritional prevention of hair loss, there are several types of drugs are sold freely and there are also products that are determined and the license by the experts. Further information you can see on the website of the company. IN the company website you can view more details about the brand, material, rules of use, and contra indication if there are problems with your hair after taking the drug. We recommend that before you buy a brand drugs to prevent hair loss you consult with experts or doctors who know the causes of hair loss.

Hair Growth - Vitamins That Promote Hair Growth
Hair Growth - Vitamins That Promote Hair Growth

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